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I'm in love with music.
I deeply adore Caligola, Sugarplum Fairy (including their side projects), Johnossi, Mumford & Sons, Arcade Fire, Lana Del Rey, MS MR, She & Him, Hurts, Depeche Mode.... but this blog is actually dedicated to my favourite band --
Mando Diao.
Just because they changed my life more than any other band in this world ever did before, and seeing them live is just one of the best things ever.
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*** 8/12/2013, 4:18pm ***

Björn: "Gustaf and I inspire each other very much.
Sometimes it happens that I call Gustaf in the middle of the night and tell him about the melody in my head. Then we meet up.”

Photos by Nina Stiller.   Interview x.
So since Gustaf has this new terrible haircut… let’s enjoy good old days.

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*** 8/7/2013, 10:55pm ***
Tell my love we’re gonna have a lot of fun, just sing it.

Tell my love we’re gonna have a lot of fun, just sing it.

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Tags: I'm recently so in love with this song... just love it. mando diao good old Mando times... lyrics train on fire how could I forget this song's so awesome :) don't mind me.
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20/07/2013 Gävle


Tags: like seriously I don't like long hair but this.... :3
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*** 8/5/2013, 5:46am ***

John: "We met because we were paragliding. We were almost about to hit each other. But instead of doing that, we did a high five. Then we met on the ground and ever since then, we’ve been best friends."

Ossi: "…unfortunately, the paraglide-story quite not true."

If I wouldn’t have known it better, I guess I’d have believed him.
I guess I’d believe anything he said… Fangirling much?

You wanna watch the other videos too, trust me.

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MD at the Bertelsmann-Event in Berlin in July.  This looks very sweaty, and very very amazing…
(and I guess they played English songs, what makes it even meaner, doesn’t it)

Ok so the guys played 200km away from me and I couldn’t attend it, awesome

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Tags: Mando Diao I kinda missed spamming... ;) Bertelsmann TMB13 concert Berlin they haven't played here for so long... event private
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Recently, Mando Diao have been in the studio to record their next album. Much work remains, but according to Dixgård it becomes a dark album in English. Bass and synths will take a lot of space.
He [Björn] mentions that they started to land in the 90s music landscape, where they listen to everything from techno to grunge. How much this will be heard is too early to say, but it certainly will be a new direction since the last album. It’s completely different. We will not stand still in one genre”, he says.

This is maybe the best thing concerning Mando I’ve read in the past six months.
I just wonder if they’ll manage to finish it this year…

It’s not like I don’t like Infruset anymore I just need something loud again so go and hurry

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Tags: Mando Diao new album like omg finally I'm kinda sick of romantic mando I want screaming and jumping :) Infruset swedish english album release
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*** 2/24/2013, 10:18pm ***

&#8220;Magnificent, pretentious, poetic.&#8221;

♡♡♡I will miss all those nice live photos.

23/02/13 Linköping.

Magnificent, pretentious, poetic.

I will miss all those nice live photos.

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Tags: I will never get tired of those photos because they are simply beautiful and you can't deny that can you ;) mando diao infruset tour sweden linköping review
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*** 2/23/2013, 10:16pm ***


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Tags: that is just so damn cute in some way and I don't care what you think because I find that cute. Yeah. ^^ these genes.... gustaf norén mando diao grammis 2013
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